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Celebration of life’s victories, appreciating the rewards of hard work, growing from your experiences, in encapsulates a celebratory aspect of life where individuals enjoy their achievements and the lessons learned from the journey.


Represents the courageous overcoming of obstacles encountered on the path to achieving one's goals, embodying a fearless and determined attitude. It is about confronting and conquering all challenges that you come your way during phase denoted by "Fuck", on the journey towards "Feast", the celebratory phase of enjoying victories and rewards. By facing adversities head-on, standing firm, and tirelessly working towards life's victories with integrity and determination.


Signifies the bold, unapologetic action taken to achieve goals, embodying relentless determination and courage. It involves formulating and executing a plan, regardless of its scale, while upholding one's values and integrity. Having a rugged and raw attitude towards facing the challenges that life throws at you and standing firm in one's beliefs!


Encompasses not just blood relations but everyone and everything your hold near and dear. It signifies bonds, whether formed by blood or through alternative means such as shared experiences or values. These are the mother fuckers that go to war next to you without question. The people and living creatures that you can rely on no matter who or what oppositions you must face. It signifies brotherhood and sisterhood. Ultimately the ones that will be by your side and have your back whether you are “Feasting, Fighting, or Fucking.”


The autonomy to live authentically, stand up for one's beliefs, and fight against adversities, while also respecting and protecting the values and individuals one holds dear, “Family”. The sense of being able to do what you want, when you want, as long as you uphold yourself to the highest standards. Your freedom does not mean you can encroach on another’s freedom. It is the ultimate feeling when you are at “Feast.” It is the reasoning to “Fight and Feast.”


A means of protection from those that oppose the way you live, the ones that want to keep you in chains and make you kneel before them. You must not kneel, instead you must “Fight and Fuck,” to uphold your values and beliefs. To protect those you hold dear and close, “Family.” To ensure that we can always “Feast.”  Firearms are traditionally used to hunt and gather food to feed the “Family.”

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